Many companies are looking for ways to improve the safety and wellness of their employees. ALTTRAN initiated some traditional methods to focus on healthy eating and exercise. That included a bulletin board with monthly tips on diet, safety, and exercise.  The most popular and effective tool for promoting a better diet was to start a company garden.

“We cleared an area next to the employee parking lot and planted a variety of vegetables.  Employees volunteered to build a storage shed and a brick patio, so that lunch tables could be set up beside the garden.  Once the plants started to really grow, it attracted everyone’s attention.  Several visitors went home with bags full of peppers.”, according to Mandie Pugh, Office Manager at ALTTRAN. “We knew it was having an impact when several employees went on-line to find recipes and started to get creative with tomatoes, peppers, beans, and squash.  They cooked pickled peppers, stuffed peppers, and zucchini bread at home and brought them back work to be shared in the lunch room”.  The project was such a success that we are looking to expand the size of the garden in 2017.