ALTTRAN Inc. has invested $250,000 in new lab equipment and equipment upgrades. This is the initial phase of a multi-year plan to enhance the capabilities of ALTTRAN’s R&D laboratory.

A MonTech D RPA 3000 (Dynamic Rubber Analyzer) was installed in early 2016. According to Carlee McCowin, Application Development Engineer at ALTTRAN, “the RPA is an amazing tool.  We have been able to model different molding processes and identify how compound changes impact scorch times and mold flow.  The post-cure dynamic testing opens up a new area for us to study”.

The purchase of a lab scale extruder, with a digital data acquisition system, makes compound development more efficient. This equipment has reduced the time needed to optimize extrusion compounds and provides quick feedback on the dispersion of fillers.

Another significant upgrade was to install data acquisition systems on their lab mixers. These systems use Allen Bradley touch screen panels to control and display the mixing process.  Key data is displayed on the screen and the data is continuously captured on a dedicated computer.  This increased level of detail has improved the success rate as compounds scale-up from the lab to the factory.