Fast Results
ATS rubber testing can speed up your new product development to take you from prototyping to full production in record time. Is formulation development a bottleneck to generating new sales? ATS can work in tandem with your technical department to quickly move projects forward.

Meaningful Analysis
Our technical team is focused on finding practical, real world solutions to challenging elastomer applications. Standard ASTM test methods are used to measure typical rubber properties. If you have an unusual application, talk to us about creating a test for your specific requirements.

Rubber Lab Testing Updates
ATS has expanded our testing capabilities with more options for low temperature properties. In addition to Brittleness testing, we now have Gehman torsional testing and Temperature Retraction (TR-10) test equipment.

Our latest purchase is an ADMET universal test machine with environmental chamber. The ADMET 2600 can be programmed for tension or compression tests.

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